Fruit of our interest and our respect for our winemaking heritage and our eagerness for making different wines, CELLER PARDAS us presents you the unique and the only one Rosé wine made with the local Sumoll variety. A grape which has been lately rejected and classed as common and course, one that was about to disappear and one that can only express its fullest potential with the most severe viticulture, and a very accurate winemaking process which respects the grape. At PARDAS we do not understand Rosé wines as a transition of white to red wine, but as a whole world on its own. Both for its conception as well as for its production we consider SUMOLL Rosé as a truly terroir wine.


  •  Vintage: 2012

    Production: 7197 bottles

    Varieties: 100% Sumoll



    Sumoll from Berto vineyard.  1.59h. plot. Franc soil facing south-east located at 401 mts. Altitude. Planted in 1974.

    Average prodution: 5000 kgs./H.


    Sumoll from del Torner vineyard. 1 hectare plot.

    Clayey-calcareous soil south facing located at 220 metres altitude. This intra-row vine spacing of 2.40×1.20 was planted in the year 2000

    Average production: 5000 Kgs./H.


    Farming: Organic and very thorough. Spontaneous  and permanent vegetation.


    Harvested on the 13th of September Torner vineyard and 15th Can Canals vineyard.


    The grapes are selected and handpicked at the vineyard. They are then destemmed and placed in 100 year old concrete tanks. Maceration takes place for 27.5 hours to extract colour.

    Static clearing to separate sediments.

    50% free run juice.

    Controlled fermentation at 18º C  for 28 days.


    Bottled: 14 of December 2012



    Alcohol Content: 13.80 % vol.

    Volatile acidity: 0.34 g/L

    Total acidity: 4.45 g/L

    PH : 3.06

    SO2 L/T : 21/80 mg/L




Tasting notes

A fresh and intense nose.

An intensity of fresh Mediterranean fresh fruit: red apple peel, ripe cherries pomegranate, figs…

A radical change of the landscape. A collage of wild red fruit: raspberries, cherries which transport us to shady and damp grass fields.

Beyond the fruit, we find notes of humid clay from the soils where this wine comes from.

A background of aniseed is always present as it is a distinctive characteristic of this grape variety.

A fresh an opulent attack and passage though the mouth, though always nuanced and supported by the ever present acidity of the Sumoll variety.

A fresh, long, dry and bitter finish that totally cleanses the palate.


As it is dry it pair well with a variety of foods such as:

Cod in Samfaina, fresh goat cheeses, pasta dishes and fresh summer salads.



Pardas Sumoll Rosat



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