The Negre Franc is our base wine. It is an assemblage of different varieties of grapes and vineyards of our estate.

We may more faithfully reflect the originality and diversity of soil – just like a mosaic – Can Comas, where we live and work.

The adjective free, honest, respectful because it fits perfectly in this determination.

This purpose or will believe s’incerta in the cortex of the central definition of wine to grasp the genius of the place (land, climate, and vineyard work) and put it in the bottle.


  • Vintage:2009
  • Production: 20350 bottles.
  • Variety: 66% Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon 23% and 11% Sumoll.
  • Origin:
  •  “La Barraca” vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.Plot of 2.87 hectares, calcareous clay soil and very deep river stones and oriented north side. The vines planted in 1996 with a 41-foot B and are in a planting of 1.2×2.40.

    Average production: 5000 kg / h.

    “Les Obagues Velles” vineyard Cabernet Franc

    Vineyard of 1.2 hectares, deep clay soil with gravel, limestone and clay predominantly oriented to the north. Strains B and 41-foot planted in 1997. The planting is 1.2×2.40. Average production: 5300 kg / h.

    “Les Obagues noves” vineyard Cabernet Franc

    0.62hectàrees vineyard, calcareous clay soil with very deep graves.Orientat north. Cepa with B and 41-foot planted in 2000. The planting is 1.2×2.40. Average production: 4000 kg. / H

    Manel Cabernet Sauvignon

    1.80 hectares of vineyard, calcareous clay soil with gravel and oriented north. Cepa with 41-foot B and plantants 1998.

    The planting is 1.2×2.40. Porducció average: 6500kg / H

    Pontnou Sumoll. of 0.6 hectares, southeast exposure with clay soil with a chalky texture frank. Planted in the 50 frame with variable planting and following the level curves.

    Average production: 3000 kg / ha.

  • Working wine:In all vineyards grown to produce the Negre Franc unused herbicides, insecticides or synthetic products.We practice a no-cultivation: Llau not work with soil and covered to protect it spontaneous.
  • Winemaking:Selection and harvest the grapes by hand and transported to the winery in 20 kg boxes.Grapes are destemmed and placed by gravity very old concrete tanks with a resin coating.


    Cabernet Franc shady new and old: 21 days

    Cabernet Franc from the hut: 37 days

    Manel Cabernet Sauvignon: 30 days

    Cabernet Sauvignon hut: 35 days

    Sumoll of Pontnou: 15 days

    Later desfangats static at 24 and 48 hours.


    In every game there was spontaneous

  • Aging:13 months and a half, 80% second and third barrels of wine, and 20% new barrels. All of them French oak 225 and 300 liters.Subsequent aging of one year in bottle.

    Not clarified, not cold stabilized, filtered prior bottling.

  • Bottled : Bottled on 20 / July 21, 2010
  • Analytical:Alcohol: 14.42% vol.SO2 / T: 28/52

    AVR: 0.72 g / L


    PH: 3.84


Tasting notes

Sight: Elegant hints of black cherry, average density slightly cloudy with abundant fine legs.

Nose: Serious and intense very fragrant and direct. A very present balsamic background.

Aromas reminiscent of black pepper, fresh plums and grilled peppers.

Hints of candied oranges and pencil lead.

Mouth/Palate: A pleasant and elegant entrance in the mouth. It seduces the palate by growing and becoming more ample giving way to plenty fleshy black fruit. Quite a persistence of tannins fills the entire mouth.

A fine long and elegant finish with just the right amount of acidity reverberates and defines all the sensations found in the mouth.


A wine that accompanies very well dishes with high protein content.

Great with lamb. A perfect and better companion in barbecues.



Pardas Negre Franc



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