In 1996, Can Comas estate was made up of 30 hectares of mediterranean and coastal forest and 30 hectares of grainland and pasture.

In the middle of the estate there is a medieval country house with a wonderful cellar that had fallen into disuse and disrepair since the civil war.

With our passion, vocation, and experience, numerous trips to investigate vine growing techniques, and after completing climate studies, grafting adaptation and varieties we planted our first stock in 1998 with special emphasis on quality control since the first day.

In the following year we began grafting old vines, which were low-yielding, and stocks began to take shape.

All the while we continued to care for and manage the vineyard boundaries and estate forest, as we believe them to be essential complements of our agrarian ecosystem.

In 2000 the country house was restored and we bought the ajacent cemetery land that we recognised to have enormous growth potential. The following year we bought St.Pere vineyard where we plan to cultivate an experimental plot.

In 2004 we began cellar restorations. Finally, with the vineyards balanced, the grapes at their best and the infrastructure in place we succeeded, for the first time, in bottling the magic of Can Comas.