Sumoll grapevines are like farmers when they are young they are rough and productive, but as the years go by, they set their roots deeply.

When they are nearing death, when they are broken-down by wounds in their bodies and souls this is the time when they are able to provide wisdom.

At around seventy they have begun to die, due to droughts, hailstone, diseases and upsets and the part that is left, lives and suffers twisted and fragile.

We have in our hands such a heritage to enjoy and at the same time care for with respect.

In the areas of Torrelavit, Sant Llorenç d´Hortons, Piera and la Llacuna, North Penedès, from five o six half-barren vineyards full of life planted by our grandfathers who used the help of animals and which we continue to cultivate by hand, we would like to offer you: Collita Roja.

When Josep Pla states that: “A farmer is a farmer and nothing but a farmer”, we paraphrasing him state: Sumoll is Sumoll and nothing but Sumoll. Unique and inimitable

  • Vintage : 2012
  • Production : 4090 bottles of 750ml. and 103 of 1500ml
  • Varieties : 100% Sumoll
  • Origin:
  • Pont Nou vineyard0.72 hectare . Located in the municipal area of St.Llorenç d´Hortons. South-East exposure.Clayey calcareous soil with a loamy texture. Planted in 1949 and grafted onto a Rupestris du Lot rootstock and trained onto a variable intra-row spacing that follows the slopes of the ground.Average production: 3000 Kg/ha.El Muç Vineyard1.2 Hectare. Located in the municipal area of St.LLorenç d´Hortons. Exposure: facing north. Limestone and high content of red clay.

    Average production: 4500 kg/Ha.

    Harvested on 14-16th of September 2012.

  • Viticulture:Neither herbicides, pesticides nor any other chemicals were used on any of the vines planted to make our Collita Roja.We do not plough the ground and we leave the grasses and plants to protect the soil. The vines are farmed by hand.
  • Vinification:Maceration:Sumoll Pont Nou :Fermented at 23ºC in a stainless-steel tank for 35 days .Skin maceration: 11 daysSumoll Muç:Fermented at 23ºC in a stainless-steel tank for 19 days at 22-23ºC.

    Skin maceration: 12 days



    50% aged in concrete egg during 8 months

    50% aged in second third and fourth used French oak barrels during 8 months.

    Bottling date: 9/9/2013

  • Analysis:
  • Alcohol content: 13.95 % vol.Free SO2:20 mg/LTotal SO2:74 mg/LAVR:0.53 grs/LATS:6 gr/L

    PH: 3.32

Tasting Notes



Simple food: grilled meats, blue fish, sardines and mackerel, flatbread with roasted vegetables and fatty cheeses.



Pardas Collita Roja



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