In Pardas we are xarelistas and the Aspriu are not the exception.

It is the third wine of the winery Xarel.lo.

Confidence in this bunch is complete and when this happens it is inevitable to develop a wine vineyard.

When working with basically a bunch, the only way to achieve true and believe wine is different and re-discover the possibilities offered by our diversity of soils and micro-climates.

The site defines the wine unique and transferable.

Knowing how to interpret nature is thus the challenge.

The place on the variety, for the grower.


  • Vintage : 2010
  • Production : 1300 bottles
  • Variety : 100% xarel.lo
  • Source:”Lola” is a vineyard of 1.2 H. Exposure of Xarel.lo located south of Serral Titet, the Can Comas estate.

    It is composed of three different plots with different ages and rootstocks (41-B, Lot cave and 161-49).

    Margins and stream determined by both sides around a single unit, wine, a unique micro-climate.

    The flight Xarel.lo clay and lime in here has different amounts and proportions.

    The petro-calcium, mother-rock from which the land is located at different depths. This soil, poor in organic matter, and with little water retention, making the vines suffer summer.

    The non-farming region gives us a well structured and a desired communion between nature and culture.

    Yield: 2500 kg / h.

    Harvested September 12, 2010.

  • Production:Harvest and manual selection of grapes in the vineyard.

    Pre-fermentation maceration with the skins for 12 hours.

    Decanting at 12 ° C

    Cold pressed juice to prevent oxidation.

    Press performance of 55%.

  • Aging:66% fermented and aged in cement tank for 6 months.

    33% fermented and aged on its lees in 300 liter barrels for 5 months.

    Not clarified.

    Filtration plates. Size of open pores.

  • Bottled : 18 July 2011.
  • Analytical:Alcohol: 13.32% vol.

    Total acidity: 4.50 g / L


    Volatile acidity: 0.40 g / L

    SO2 / T: 24/88 mg / L


Tasting notes

100% xarel.lo

Sight: Intense black cherry colour

Nose: Intense, voluptuous, balsamic and deep. Shy at first, it slowly opens up and gives way to ripe fruit: cherries with liquor, mandarins and chocolate, tobacco and black pepper.

Mouth: Ample, exuberant and potent passage through the mouth. It presents a fruit in crescendo, though it ends with very ripe dark fruit. A good and persistent tannic structure…

Long and lasting sweety aftertaste . Silky texture. It assures you that it will live a long life!

Pairing: Due to its character and intensity it is recommended that Aspriu is paired with dishes with predominantly intense flavours: wild boar stew, game (partridge, pigeon, and woodcock) as well as red meats.



Pardas Aspriu Blanc



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